Civic Day celebrations of the Cheltenham Lower High Street

Jul 6, 2017 | Partners, Staff | 0 comments

Our Learning Innovation for Tomorrow (LIFT) project in the Department of History has been examining the history of the Lower High Street area in Cheltenham by analyzing themes of identity, community and heritage. The aim was to create a wider appreciation of the area’s varied history, and use its past to shape its future, by working alongside community organizations and local residents, and considering future sustainability challenges. This work was celebrated in an exhibition, launched on civic day at Chapel Arts in Cheltenham. Maxine Melling, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University and Chair of the Cheltenham Civic Society said “I am proud the Civic Society has identified the lower high street as an historic part of Cheltenham. This project recaptures the long-forgotten stories and helps recreate a sense of identity for this area” (Gloucestershire Echo, June 2017) Find out more on the project website:
Civic Day celebrations

It is great to see this campaign and scoring system developed by SOS-UK to focus on net zero and action to cut emissions further in the lead up to COP26. While others may seek to achieve net zero by carbon offsetting, our plan is aimed at making a real difference in driving down our emissions, and educating and influencing others to do the same.

Dr Alex Ryan

Director of Sustainability, University of Gloucestershire

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