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Cookies are small text files exchanged between a website and your computer. We use cookies to store some information when you visit this website.

We do not use cookies to store information about passwords or credit card numbers or similar, nor do we carry third-party advertising.

We do use cookies to:

  • ​Remember your preferences
  • Allow you to share our pages on social media
  • Collect anonymous data so we can improve our website
  • Show information we believe will be of interest to you using online marketing

If you wish to block cookies sent to you from our site you can do so from within your web browser: see your browser’s Help menu for information on how to do this or refer to, and look on your computer for cookies that contain the name

It is also possible to block​ only the ​​​cookies used specifically for gathering usage information.

If you do choose to block all cookies from us, please be aware that some of the functions and interactive services on our sites may not work.

Different types of cookies

Some cookies are strictly necessary. We use these cookies to remember your preferences and search settings. Once you accept these necessary cookies you will be able to make use of our online systems.

Third-party and social cookies

Our site includes functions provided by other websites. The privacy on these will be dependent on the settings you have chosen on these networks, please see below:


Performance cookies

We use cookies to collate visitor statistics and look at the user journey through our site. This helps us identify what pages are working well and which aren’t. It also tells us which website the user came from to land on our website. This data is all anonymous. We use:

Google analytics

Remarketing cookies

After you visit a site, you may notice adverts from that site appear as you are browsing elsewhere. This technology is used to advertise something we think you may be interested in or encourage you to come back to our site. This process is anonymised and based only on your browsing activity and not personal details.

Advertising cookies

Cookies are used in online advertising. Advertisers using them cannot gain personal information from these cookies. Opting out of advertising cookies doesn’t mean you won’t see adverts, they just won’t be tailored to you. We use:

Google Double Click

Turning off cookies

You can turn cookies off by adjusting your browser settings. If you stop it from accepting cookies it will likely limit the functionality of most websites.

You may also like to refer to our Privacy policy.