Edible Garden celebrates 10th Anniversary – Saturday June 9th

May 9, 2018 | Staff | 0 comments

The University’s Edible Garden at FCH is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a special celebratory event on Saturday 9th June at 3pm. Please join us if you can.

The Edible Garden began when English lecturer Arran Stibbe spotted a patch of disused land on the edge of the campus. Arran worked with Daud McDonald from the St Paul’s Residents’ Association, University staff and students, the local council and the police, to create a community garden that would be open to students, staff and residents, as a catalyst to help bring the university and local community together.

The Edible Garden has been supported by the University’s Sustainability Team from the start as it promotes local growing, permaculture principles and collaborative action for sustainability and well-being. Over the years it has gained a pond, a shed, outdoor classroom and several fruit trees.

The garden hosts community picnics in the summer, and as well as producing fruit and vegetables, it has become a home to wildlife such as frogs, birds and bees.

The garden is currently run by Daud McDonald, the chair of the St Paul’s Residents’ Association, and English lecturer Rowan Middleton. If you study or work at the University or live in St Paul’s you are welcome to join our friendly team. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and spend time in the fresh air.

We usually meet between 11am and 1pm on a Sunday – please email us to check that we will be there or for more information. You can also follow us on: Facebook










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