Get involved in our community gardens and growing spaces

Aug 7, 2020 | Staff

With ‘active gardening’ shown to reduce anxiety by 26% and ‘connecting with nature’ resulting in 30% more people reporting their health as ‘excellent’; getting involved in our campus community gardens and growing spaces could be the perfect way for you to boost your wellbeing this year.

We have two main growing hubs on campus: the Edible Garden at FCH and the allotment at Park.

Here’s what they get up to, and how you can get involved.

Park Allotment

This growing space is tucked behind the Cornerways building and houses an impressive greenhouse which has been used for a variety of student projects over the years including a chili growing enterprise in 2014.

For the last year few years the space has been more active in the spring and summer months, but we’re keen to develop the space to be more active all year round.

How to help: we’re looking for extra hands with planting, weeding, watering and digging.

When: flexible times to suit you – get in touch for details

Key contact: Miriam Webb –

FCH Edible Garden

Founded more than 10 years ago, this garden is tucked behind Shaftesbury Hall of residence and is run as a partnership between the local community residents association and the University.

Volunteers meet all year round to look after the space which grows a variety of seasonal fruit as vegetables throughout the year.

The garden also has an outdoor pizza oven which is great for bringing people together in spring and summer.

How to help: we’re looking for extra hands with planting, weeding and watering.

When: volunteers meet regularly on Sunday mornings, but access other times can be arranged too

Key contact: Rowan Middleton –

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