Global recognition for Live Smart’s community collaboration

Jan 4, 2021 | Staff

The University’s student-led Live Smart programme has been recognised as an ‘Outstanding Flagship Project’ by the United Nations University’s Institute of Advanced Studies in Sustainability.

The Live Smart programme was created by the University Sustainability Team in partnership with students to connect the big sustainability issues the world is facing for the future with the concerns our students have right now. Its core aims are to help students boost their wellbeing, save money and feel connected to their local community whilst benefitting the planet.

One element of Live Smart is the Community Challenge which gives students the opportunity to gain recognition and win prizes by working individually or in teams with local community groups to take action for the global sustainable development goals. These challenges are then celebrated and showcased at an annual festival hosted and created with lead partners Gloucester Cathedral who are also very active on the sustainability agenda locally.

The UNU-IAS co-ordinates the Regional Centres of Expertise in sustainability education, an international programme with over 170 RCEs advancing sustainability at the regional level through partnerships. RCE Severn is the University of Gloucestershire’s RCE, established in 2008 and working as part of the sustainability programme to create positive partnerships for sustainability with focus on learning and change to support the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.


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