We are committed to being a community with a global outlook that is advancing diversity and pursuing social equity for all as well as intercultural exchange and learning. Our Sustainability Strategy supports the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework which includes two key goals on Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities.

Our Learning Innovation for Tomorrow and Live Smart programmes take the global sustainability lens into our curriculum innovation and student experience work, to build action and skills in this area with our staff and students. Our internationalization strategy aims to broaden the experiences of staff and students, to foster global and cultural diversity across our university community.

Equality at the University

The University’s Equality and Diversity policy sets out how we create a positive environment in which students and staff are valued and provided with development and progression opportunities to reach their full potential.​​

Our Equality Objectives set ambitious plans to improve the experience of all our staff and students, reducing inequalities in gender, disability, sexual orientation and other protected characteristics.

Reciprocal mentoring

Since 2017 we have been developing an innovative reciprocal mentoring programme that pairs volunteer students from Black and Ethnic Minority groups with non-BME senior members of university staff.

The aim is to develop an active network across the staff and student body, driven by the experiences of the range of BME groups. This increases understanding among staff about how we can improve outcomes and of the real issues our students from under-represented groups face, to empower everyone to create change.

Culture and diversity - reciprocal mentoring

Gender Pay Gap

We are also working to reduce our gender pay gap – the difference between the average salary of a man and the average salary of a woman working at the University. Our mean gap in 2019 was 17.83%. 

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