Culture and diversity

We are committed to being a community with a global outlook that is advancing diversity, promoting intercultural learning and pursuing equity for all. Our commitments are set out in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy which aims to make equality of opportunity a reality for all students and staff – and to develop an inclusive culture, free from discrimination related to gender, disability, sexual orientation and other protected characteristics.

Our Sustainability Strategy is interconnected with our equality and diversity goals, as unsustainable development often impacts most heavily on communities at social or economic disadvantage. A sustainable society needs justice and equality – and needs cultural diversity as much as biodiversity.

Our strategic equity, diversity and inclusion goals are:

  1. Attract, retain, develop, and support a more diverse workforce
  2. Improve students’ experiences, supporting their mental and physical wellbeing, creating a sense of belonging so they learn, thrive and achieve.
  3. Increase engagement in equity, diversity, and inclusion practice across the University through learning opportunities, joint working and shared objectives.
  4. Decolonise our culture and curriculum
  5. We are working to achieve more inclusive Governance, recognising that it will only be inclusive when it effectively meets the needs of, and engages all our staff and students, taking account of all facets of personal identity.

Change projects

Decolonising Learning

This project seeks to develop our course experiences to advance cultural and ethnic diversity as well as global perspective through teaching practice. It draws on the experiences of our BAME staff and student network and is supported by our LIFT programme for transformative learning that can deliver more sustainable futures.

Image depicting Reciprocal Mentoring with Dr Alex Ryan

Reciprocal Mentoring

This programme partners Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students with senior leaders across the University and aims to understand issues faced by students so they inform changes of practice and culture. Led by our Equality and Diversity Manager, it was shortlisted in the Times Higher Education Awards 2020.

Culture and diversity - reciprocal mentoring

Gender Pay Gap

We are working to reduce our gender pay gap to understand and improve the difference between the average salary of a man and the average salary of a woman working at the University.

Image depicting Reciprocal Mentoring with Dr Alex Ryan

Live Smart

Our student-led sustainability programme develops the insights and experiences of students outside the formal curriculum. Its core themes relate to student concerns and big picture sustainability issues – one of which is to build fairer and more diverse and inclusive communities.

Sustainability - Live Smart