The University has held Fairtrade status since 2006 and since then Fairtrade has been an important part of how we demonstrate ethical consumption and social justice.

In 2022 we were successfully accredited to the new Fairtrade standard, achieving an additional one-star in recognition of our efforts to embed policies that ensure trade justice and ethical procurement and consumption are considered throughout our practices.

Our Fairtrade policy reflects the 5 goals of the Fairtrade Foundation:

  1. We’re striving to be a Fairtrade University!
  2. Fairtrade products will be available for sale (where possible) in all University outlets.
  3. We will seek to provide Fairtrade options at all University and departmental meetings.
  4. We’ll work closely with the Students’ Union to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption within the University.
  5. We have a University Fairtrade Steering Group to ensure policy implementation.
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    Impact Reporting

    The Covid 19 pandemic impacted our Fairtrade program quite significantly during 2020/21 as students and staff were studying or working from home for much of the year. The re-opening of campuses in September 2021 has brought more students and staff back onto campuses and presented an opportunity to refocus on Fairtrade.

    Campaigning and influencing

    • Every year we celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in late February-early March.
    • Our Live Smart blog is a great place to discover great tips for how you can make ethical and sustainable choices in your shopping habits, diet, money choices and more.

    Research and curriculum

    • In the curriculum module ‘The Global Business Environment’, students can explore ethical and sustainable supply chains with case studies on coffee beans. This module is compulsory for BA Business & Management, BA International Business Management and BA Sports Business Management.
    • There are other opportunities for students to learn about ethical consumption, triple bottom line supply chain management, etc, in a range of subjects in Design, Marketing, Arts, Humanities and Construction.
    • Any students looking for ideas and inspiration for your dissertation, Dissertations for Good (from SOS-UK) is a great place to start.

    Procurement, retail and catering

    • All campus refectories stock Fairtrade coffee, sugar, chocolate, fruit and fruit juice
    • Sales volumes for Fairtrade items between September 2021-March 2022 compared to September 2019-March 2020 have increased overall. Fairtrade coffee sales are up 26%, though Fairtrade chocolate sales are down 50%.
    • 8% of clothing lines in the Students’ Union shops are Fairtrade.

    Students and staff


    Students want Fairtrade and sustainable food/drink options at UOG (without paying extra)


    Students want Fairtrade and sustainable food/drink options (and are happy to pay extra)


    Students prioritise cost first when it comes to food and drink at UOG

    Find out more about our progress with Fairtrade and approach to procurement, consumption and investment



    Improving our offer of healthy, diverse and sustainable food

    Investment and purchasing

    Investment and Purchasing

    Responsible supply chain and financial decisions

    Six example pages from the Annual Sustainability Report 2020-2021

    Annual Sustainability Report

    Data, activities and achievements against our strategic goals and targets