About RCE severn

RCE Severn is our Regional Centre of Expertise in Sustainability Education acknowledged by the United Nations University, covering Gloucestershire and the surrounding Severn region. The work of the RCE is key to the University’s strategy and performance – creating activities and projects that connect our students and staff with external partners in the region, to collaborate for change.

Hosted by the University and co-ordinated by the sustainability team, RCE Severn is one of over 150 RCEs across the world supporting local learning and change towards the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). RCE Severn was established in 2008 and works with public, private and third sector partners on training activities, applied projects and other opportunities.

RCE Severn reports on its activities to the United Nations University and communicates with other RCEs through newsletters, emails and conferences.

Email our RCE Severn Co-ordinator to get involved.

Mission of RCE Severn

The RCE Severn aims to support sustainability through:

  • Collaboration – on multi-sector and cross-regional learning and change for sustainability
  • Capacity building – sharing learning, developing projects, exchanging best practices
  • Professional opportunities – creating ways for people to gain practical experience in sustainability
  • Supporting innovation – transformative learning and real world research for sustainability
  • Influencing change – acting with local, national and global partners to inform policy and practice