RCE Severn Activities

RCE Severn activities vary in scale and scope but all seek to develop and deliver transformative but practical learning experiences that bring people together to contribute to the implementation of the internationally agreed UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We run seminars open to the public on sustainability issues – some recent examples:

We support a range of curriculum projects that connect our academic teams with community partners to involve our students in applied sustainability learning.

We also offer opportunities for partners to develop internships and placements in sustainability – students bring fresh ideas and skills to your work while they gain valuable professional experience.

Our Learning Innovation for Tomorrow programme has been supporting a series of sustainability makerspace projects that connect students from different courses with local people, doing creative and practical sustainability workshops that develop their skills across generations and social groups.

Explore our ‘community makerspace’ projects

Sound Bites

Sound Bites creates dynamic learning experiences that connect our students with local people, to create and repurpose audio devices from waste. Run in collaboration with Pyka, the workshops at Gloucester Library and Cheltenham Science Festival showed people how to program innovative digital devices and develop sustainability skills linked to the creative industries. These hands-on sessions trained students in Creative Music Technology, Popular Music and Product Design courses to deliver training for all generations in community settings. 
Project Leads: Dr Matthew Lovett and Dr Michelle Williams

Regeneration Repair Cafe

Led by our Product Design course team with local sustainability charity Vision 21, Regeneration repair café helps people learn how to repair, turn waste into value and save money. The repair café runs every month in Cheltenham and in its first year saw over 500 visitors and over 400 items brought in, with over 80% fixed. Supported by Gloucestershire County Council Joint Waste Team, Regeneration is helping to avoid waste going to landfill and educating people on circular economy ideas. The team have branched out into specialist fix and tips sessions on technology, energy saving and gardening. 
Project Lead: Dr Michelle Williams

Thread Counts

Thread Counts sustainable fashion and textiles forum was developed as a collaboration by the Fashion Design course with Stroud International Textiles SIT and Atelier, Stroud. It aims to engage businesses and fashion creatives across the region, supporting peer learning, research development, industry partnerships and local impact. The launch event at Hardwick Gallery involved exhibitions and creative workshops for over 40 people around upcycling, fashion and sustainable textiles.
Project Lead: Margaret McDonough

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