Sustainability Research

The University carries out a range of research with emphasis on social, professional and scientific engagement with sustainability. Sustainability-focused research is supported in all our research priority themes. We conduct inter-disciplinary and inter-professional sustainability research in collaboration with a range of external partners.

Our research also draws on sustainability learning principles, using learning and training methods that are participatory, multi-disciplinary and applied, to boost the impact

All our academic outputs can be seen in our university research repository.

Stopping the poachers – impactful applied research

Professor Adam Hart and Professor Anne Goodenough won the 2019 UK Green Gown Award for Research with Impact, for their research on the low-cost thermal imaging to combat rhino poaching. Based in our School of Natural and Social Sciences, their research has helped to reduce levels of poaching but also benefited the safety of rangers and has been adapted for use in other countries.

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Locally grounded, globally relevant research

The University’s Countryside and Community Research Institute has wide-ranging research linked to rural economy and policy, sustainable environments and local resilience, agriculture, food and land use, heritage and landscape, within the UK, Europe and internationally.

Examples of CCRI projects:

ROBUST project on rural-urban synergies for sustainable growth with 23 partners.

RECARE project on soil remediation solutions working across 15 countries.

SUFISA project on finance for sustainable agriculture and fisheries with 13 partners.

PEGASUS project on ecosystem good and services with 10 EU member states.

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Sustainability research expertise across our academic schools spans diverse aspects of sustainability in rural economies, education systems, environmental protection, leadership, linguistics, wellbeing, design and conservation. Some recent examples are: 

RSP – A Rounder Sense of Purpose

Collaboration project to adapt and apply a UNECE educator competence framework into real practice settings for school, college and university educators. Led by University of Gloucestershire with education providers in Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Funded by the European Commission with 2nd phase now set to conclude in 2021.

Find out more at the RSP website.

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SPACE – Supporting Policy and Action for Active Environments

EU funded project to improve active lifestyles through local interventions. Led by the University of Gloucestershire to develop evidence-based action plans designed with local communities in Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain. The project was designated as a ‘Project of Special Interest’ by the European Commission.

Find out more at the SPACE website.

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Research on sustainability in education

We have won over £1.5m in competitive bids for Education for Sustainability research and development, supported by Marie Curie, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, European Commission, Higher Education Academy and UNESCO.

Find out about our education innovation in sustainability.

Read some of the publications from our key projects: