Across the globe people are making links between our wellbeing, our professional practice and our ability to achieve sustainability.

Developing an understanding of sustainability and an ability to apply it to professional practice is essential for us to achieve change. We are working to develop guidance and training that can help our staff, students and partners to increase their potential for positive impact in specific areas, such as our responsible purchasing and the guidelines we have developed in this area.

Each year we set priorities for supporting and advising our staff in our Sustainability Engagement Plan – see the 2018-19 plan here.

Wellbeing is critical for sustainability and these two issues are linked through our work on smart travel and our catering policy, which has goals around healthy diets and fresh, locally sourced food, reflected in the ‘Food for Life’ gold standard we have across our refectories. The University is signed up to the Public Health England Workplace Wellbeing Charter and in its initial assessment achieved Excellence in 2 areas of the review sections that cover leadership, attendance, health and safety, mental health, smoking and alcohol consumption, healthy eating and physical activity.


Sustainability Service Awards

We make annual awards to colleagues and/or partners who have been nominated by heads of department for contributing significantly to the University’s sustainability programme:

Congratulations and warm thanks to them all for their work to advance sustainability thinking in the University, with the community and across the sector.

Culture & Wellbeing
Culture & Wellbeing

Empowerment & People

Our sustainability programme supports our People and Culture strategy in developing our workforce and an inclusive working environment, which is our essential resource as an organisation. Our people are key to our ability to adapt, innovate and change, towards more positive and transformative ways of working that support sustainability.

We work with our Human Resources department to ensure sustainability is covered in our induction training and relevant skills development programmes covering areas such as leadership, resilience and systems thinking. We also provide quick guidance briefs to staff on sustainability topics such as responsible purchasing.

Culture & Wellbeing

Culture and Diversity

Issues of diversity and inclusion are also critical to sustainability goals, not only in terms of the protection of rights enshrined in law, but in enriching the culture and vitality of our workplace and the informal as well as formal learning at our university.

This connects with the global sustainable development goals on gender equality and reduced inequality.

You can read more about our Equality and Diversity plan and our organisational commitments here.

Culture & Wellbeing

Wellbeing and Gardening

There are opportunities to get involved in gardening activities across campuses, including the Park and Oxstalls allotments which can link us with gardeners in our surrounding community.

The Edible Garden at Francis Close Hall also offers ways to learn about permaculture design, food awareness, ecological literacy and community building, whilst getting some physical activity.

We continued to support community food growing on campus with FCH Edible Garden 10th birthday celebrations for our and taking action to refresh our Park Campus Allotment.

Contact our Sustainability Engagement Manager to find out more.