Our internships and placements offer work experience that is future-facing, and helps you make links between your studies, career, and sustainability. These opportunities are open to all students on all courses. You can be placed either:

  • On campus – working on sustainability focused projects in university departments
  • Off campus – with our network of local organisations active in this area (RCE Severn)

You can take up professional sustainability experiences with flexible hours as part of a placement module within your course. If you are looking for an opportunity with a specific type of organisation, or have specific interests and skills, please contact our Sustainability Engagement Manager who can explore this with our external contacts and partners.

Do a sustainability internship

Sustainability Internship Programme

“Our Sustainability Internship Programme (SIP) was a Finalist in the EAUC Green Gown Awards 2016, and an Outstanding Flagship Project for contributing to Youth Capacity Development in the 2015 United Nations University RCE Awards.”

What do Sustainability Interns do?

Sustainability interns carry out tailored projects that match their interests with the focus of their host organisation, linking core professional experiences with current sustainability challenges.

Our internships provide great challenges and unique cutting edge projects that could be in areas as wide-ranging as developing new products, creating communications, primary research, filming and animations, or student engagement campaigns.

Mentored by the University Sustainability Team, a Sustainability Internship can be completed as extra-curricular experience through the Your Future Plan 80 hour internship scheme.


Sustainable Procurement Researcher, IT Services – Hilda
Sustainable Procurement Researcher, IT Services – Hilda

Showcase Film Interns, Sustainability Team – Ashley, Dan and Toby

Studying: TV Production
Project: Producing short films for the University Sustainability Team to showcase their activities
Location: University Sustainability Team
Result: Film to support the launch of the Sustainability Strategy 2017-2022 (produced in collaboration with Unit 1 films). Film of Sustainability Showcase 2017 to promote and celebrate activities of the Learning Innovation for Tomorrow projects.

“I gained new skills and experiences that I wouldn’t have had through my studies, like meeting professional deadlines and working for a company to create marketing videos. I learnt sustainability was more than I first though, and covered things like education.”
Sustainable Procurement Researcher, IT Services – Hilda

Sustainable Procurement Researcher, IT Services – Hilda

Studying: 3rd year International Business
Project: Research on industry best practice in responsible purchasing and slavery in global IT supply chains
Location: University IT team and Sustainability Team
Result: Advice to University’s IT team which helped guide them in making changes to key contracts awarded for new IT equipment and services, including the major new investment in cyber security.

“The internship gave me an opportunity to learn a huge amount about sustainability and ethics in the IT industry, something I wasn’t aware of before, but hope will add to my employability.”

Communications Officer, Sustainability Team – Lizzie

Communications Officer, Sustainability Team – Lizzie

Studying: 3rd year journalism
Project: Communicating the sustainability work of the university through social media and news articles on initiatives such as the national Student Action for Refugees (STAR) group.
Location: University Sustainability Team
Result: Advice and recommendations for future sustainability communications.

“What better way to start improving the world around me than by learning and engaging through a sustainability communications internship.”

Waste Communications Officer, Estates Team – Juliana

Waste Communications Officer, Estates Team – Juliana

Studying: MA journalism
Project: Writing communications to encourage good sustainability practice around waste in student halls.
Location: University Estates Team and Sustainability Team
Result: Increased awareness of good practice for waste and recycling in student halls, a workshop for local school children around waste.

“I wanted to see how waste is being communicated and managed here, to take this back home; attitudes towards waste management are poor in Nigeria”.

Waste Communications Officer, Estates Team – Juliana

IT Data and Equipment Disposal Researcher, IT Services – Jordan

Studying: 1 year Forensic Computing
Project: Research on sustainable and ethical disposal of IT data and equipment
Location: University IT team
Result: Advice and recommendations on IT disposal

“I had written reports before but never of this scale… It gave me confidence to know that my recommendations could be used by the university, and I had to think about whether it was sustainable…”

Green Economy Researcher, Cheltenham Green Doors – Natalie

Green Economy Researcher, Cheltenham Green Doors – Natalie

Studying: 1st year Accounting
Project: Producing a report to evaluate the value of the Green Economy to Cheltenham.
Location: Cheltenham Green Doors (local sustainability charity)
Result: At the Student Awards 2016, Natalie was presented with the Intern of the Year Award!

“The internship has supported my learning development because it has given me a broader understanding of businesses. It’s interesting to find out more about sustainability and the type of businesses rising because of it”