University Tops the UK Sustainability League!

Jul 16, 2019 | Sustainability Team

The University has taken the top spot and is now number 1 in the 2019 People and Planet University League of all UK universities published today in the Guardian.

The league table has been running since 2007 and ranks all universities in the UK against a set of criteria on all areas of their sustainability performance – it scores them not just on practical impacts in how they run their university operations, but how they educate students and engage staff in changing culture and practice for sustainability. Our academic innovations set us apart by creating transformative experiences for students and a legacy of graduates equipped to create positive impactful change in their careers.

The University of Gloucestershire is proud of its long standing sustainability commitment over more than 10 years and its dedicated programme to gradually transform the whole university. This year our league scores showed improvement in several areas.

 Dr Alex Ryan, Director of Sustainability said:

This is a really special achievement for us on this critically important agenda, especially as the changes have been led by students and staff across our university community. The student community has made smart moves and shown serious long term commitment to this agenda, with one of the most dynamic challenges to universities over the past decade from the People and Planet league table. This created an environment that focused minds on public information and comparative data, to show who walks their talk on sustainability.”