People & Planet League – Reviewer Evidence

Please find below wayfinding links to key evidence against People & Planet scoring sections:


Find all main policies with SMART targets relevant to sustainability here
Construction policy commitment is contained within Estates Strategy
Community engagement commitment is contained within Sustainability Strategy
Find Net Zero strategy and note 2023 policy addendum with further detail here
See details related to water targets here

Managing Carbon

Carbon Net Zero Strategy and key information on policy here
Find addendum to Net Zero strategy with additional target and baseline detail here


Catering policy available here
Find campus gardening activities updates here

Ethical Investment

Find ethical investment policy here
Find public listing of investments here
Find senior finance committee terms of reference here


See careers service policy here
See staff team contact points here


Find details of key sustainability staff here
See staff engagement scheme for academic teams here

Workers Rights

See detail of Fairtrade policy here
See Students’ Union pledge confirmation here


Student and staff engagement is contained within Sustainability Strategy
Student arrivals and induction information via the SU here (p32)
See student co-creation initiative on curriculum change here
Live Smart – latest report activities update here
Live Smart – student-led initiative key info here
See new staff induction good practice guidance here
TU participation – see Net Zero taskforce and minutes here
Student participation – see Net Zero taskforce and minutes here and Sustainability Performance Review 2022 minutes here
(note EFS Co-ordinator and SU network lead are student officers/roles)
Student performance mapping – see Sustainability Performance Review 2022 minutes here and project on students rating courses for sustainability here


Senior responsibility with Director of Sustainability – see here
ESD commitments and targets are contained within Sustainability Strategy – see here
See curriculum performance mapping from latest public report here
See overview of ESD programme and activity here
See LIFT programme on curriculum and learning innovation here
Living Lab workshops 2022 with Cheltenham Education Partnership, based on our sustainability reporting, catering, net zero and travel practices – see here
Sanctuary Scholarships x2: 1 undergraduate, 1 postgraduate are offered – find information here