FCH Edible Garden flourishes through lockdown

Jun 22, 2020 | Staff

Hidden behind Shaftesbury Hall at FCH, the Edible Garden provides an oasis for staff, students and the local community to grow food and work collaboratively for sustainability and wellbeing.

Last year with the funding and support of the Estates and Sustainability Teams, LED lights and a pizza oven were installed so that garden could be enjoyed all year round.

Activities this academic year have included:

  • Regular sessions to take care of the plants, trees and wildlife such as a pond which attracts frogs, and a range of water insects.
  • Artists using the garden for outdoor drawing
  • Biosciences students studying the habits of feeding birds
  • Japanese high school students learning about English plants and writing nature poems
  • Pizza parties with the help of the woodfired oven

Although the campus has been closed during the pandemic, with the help of the University Estates Team, Rowan Middleton of the University and Daud McDonald of St Paul’s Residents Association (SPRA) have been allowed limited access to carry out essential tasks and keep the garden going.

Pumpkins, beans, peas, potatoes, strawberries, and apples all growing well in the warm weather!

When it is safe to do so regular volunteers are looking forward to welcoming more people back to the Garden.

Visit the Edible Garden facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and ways to get involved: @EdibleGardenFCH

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