Education innovation projects

We have an international reputation for leading on the development of Education for Sustainability (EfS) at our university, and with EfS experts worldwide, to support curriculum change.

Funded research and development

We have led and collaborated on large participatory projects to develop this new practice, working with over 75 universities, creating new ideas, best practice and adaptable tools for use any setting.

We used EfS ideas and methods in our commissioned projects, breaking new ground to blend educational theory, sustainability practice and learner viewpoints. Projects below led by our sustainability team specialists also guide our own EfS implementation programme.

Leading Practice Publication Cover

Students Driving Curriculum Quality for Sustainability (2022-2023)

Project: multi-level collaboration project to develop and test an approach to measuring authentic integration of EfS into university courses using students as co-producers and assessors.

Participants: three universities – University of Gloucestershire lead partner working with University of the Arts London and King’s College London, with student leaders from each institution.

Focus: EfS quality measurement and curriculum design

Funder: UK Quality Assurance Agency

Tools: available here on completion in 2023. See updates on our project page.

Leading Practice Publication Cover

University Educators for Sustainable Development (2013-2016)

Project: Large scale consortium project with EfS experts across Europe, mapping policy and practice, developing leading practice in professional capacity building and building an expert network.

Participants: 53 organisations across 33 countries. Led by University of Gloucestershire with Charles University of Prague, Leuphana University, Lunenburg, Autonomous University of Madrid.

Focus: Professional development in EfS

Funder: European Commission

Tools: Online Platform of ResourcesLeading Practice Publication

Flexible Pedagogies Cover

Flexible Pedagogies: New Pedagogical Ideas (2013)

Project:  Commissioned sector research connecting shifts in pedagogical thinking and EfS with the transition to a future era of flexible and blended learning.

Participants: New Pedagogical Ideas theme led by University of Gloucestershire. Flexible Pedagogy programme composed of five research themes led by Professor Ron Barnett for HEA.

Focus: Flexible Learning and EfS

Funder: Higher Education Academy

Tools: New Pedagogical Ideas report | Flexible Pedagogy Report | HEA Webinar Slides | HEA Project Overview

Guide to Quality and Education for Sustainability in Higher Education

Leading Curriculum Change for Sustainability (2010-2012)

Project: Positioning EfS in quality enhancement policy, working with UK Quality Assurance Agency, to develop guidance and pilot case studies from institutions.

Participants:  Led by University of Gloucestershire in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Agency, Aston University, University of Brighton, University of Exeter and Oxford Brookes University.

Focus: Quality enhancement and EfS

Funder: Higher Education Funding Council for England

Tools: Website Toolkit | Project flier

Guide to Quality and Education for Sustainability in Higher Education

Linking Culture, Education and Sustainability (2008-2009)

Project: Commissioned research to analyse national EfS policies and collect good practices to improve the integration of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in delivery EfS programmes through the international Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014).

Participants: Led by University of Gloucestershire

Focus: Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue and EfS

Funder:  UNESCO

Tools: Project Report