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Our partnerships connect us with the wider community, to foster collaboration, share learning, and make progress on local and global sustainability goals. This happens through RCE Severn, our partnership platform, acknowledged by the United Nations University. Find out more in this section about how our staff and students can work with you and develop new initiatives to improve prospects for all.

RCE Severn Local Network

Strategic Sustainability Partnerships

Current RCE partners and how we can work together.
About RCE Severn

About RCE Severn

Information about how the RCE works and how to get in touch.


About RCE Severn

RCE Severn local activities

Find out about university community learning projects for sustainability.


Our sustainable university

Our sustainable university

See the sustainability progress across our university.

RCE global movement

RCE Severn global movement

Learn about the UN regional centres of expertise across all continents.

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RCE Severn projects

Our support fund for innovation in student learning. Be inspired.