Our sustainable university - Technology

Technology enables our learning experiences, optimises our working practices and can help staff and students to travel less between campuses and to connect more easily. It is also one of the fastest growing areas of energy consumption and carbon emissions in the university sector, so bringing sustainability into computing equipment and services is an important future agenda for us.

Information Strategy and Sustainability

Our information strategy highlights sustainability and takes account of:

  • Responsible purchasing and supply chain ethics, including production of IT equipment.
  • Responsible disposal and the impacts and issues around both IT equipment and data.
  • Responsible systems and servers, including efficiencies and minimising impacts.

Technology services and learning resources

Our IT and Library teams support the sustainability agenda by:

  • Promoting the use of video and teleconferencing as an alternative to travelling to meetings, to reduce the carbon impact of inter-campus and off-site travel
  • Supporting the development and use of real-time data ‘dashboards’ to improve communication of, and engagement with, the use of energy at the University
  • Having strategic plans to guide action on sustainability in libraries, across all aspects from resources and equipment to learning and community services

Our success stories

  • Multi-Functional Devices and Shutdown– all UoG PCs now switch to standby mode and automatically shut down overnight saving an estimated £30,000 per annum.
  • Digital Printing Devices– all printers, copiers and scanners at UoG have now been replaced with single, multi-function devices. Estimated savings of £5,500 per annum, with payback period of 3.6 years, plus reduced paper use (227 trees worth) and waste (600 ink cartridges and toner saved) in year 1.

Cyber security and sustainability

Our new Cyber initiative within the School of Business and Technology is training the next generation of cyber security professionals, with over 3 million of government funding invested in this area. Links between cyber and sustainability are an exciting new agenda we are now exploring from the sustainability perspective, along with our new investment in Engineering Technologies.

Existing and emerging technologies raise a range of issues around sustainability, risk, democratisation and empowerment. The sustainability issues are both the practical and the academic:

  • Sustainability is part of the funding agreement with the LEP for its technical delivery and features in the design of facilities and purchase of equipment.
  • Future corporate and social risks will feature in Cyber education and research agendas being developed with its partners and stakeholders in the UK and beyond.
Image of National Cyber Skills Centre - School of Business and Technology
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