We’re proud to share our sustainability performance and achievements from last academic year 2021-2022 in our new online Annual Sustainability Report.

This report ushers in the first year of reporting on our new Sustainability Strategy 2022-2027 and on carbon emissions reduction against the targets of our Carbon Net Zero Strategy.

It shares the key metrics and top stories from all aspects of sustainability in the life of our University, showing how we continue to work on reducing negative environmental impacts our operations, and maximising our positive impact through new learning, impactful research, and creative collaborations.

Browse the sustainability report website here

Five top features in this report

1. We now report using quality measures on how our course portfolio is designing sustainability learning into the curriculum – see the EfS progress section

2. Our progress on next level carbon ‘net zero’ targets is on track, with new heat change projects underway – see the Net Zero section.

3. Our students and graduates continue to win awards and make a splash professionally in a wide range of stories – see the Learning section.

4. We continue to collaborate widely and last year provided speed training for 120 secondary school students across Cheltenham – see the Collaboration section.

5. Our third Sustainability Strategy for 2022-2027 focuses on multi-level impacts including our new City Campus in Gloucester – see the Strategy section.

The Annual Sustainability Report reminds us of all the brilliant innovations, powerful experiences and creative partnerships that power the sustainability contribution of our university. This year we’ve moved to a digital reporting format and worked on improvements to the way we report for all our readers, on diverse and technical issues, from carbon emissions reduction to curriculum change.

These are incredibly challenging times for the global community in its attempts to minimise the serious impacts we are facing from rapid environmental change – and equally challenging times for students and surrounding communities in dealing with rising costs and issues around wellbeing and equality. The need to connect the dots has never been more important and our sustainability focus is key to how we understand our role as inventors, solution builders and implementers, part of a collective force for positive change.

Congratulations to everyone whose achievements feature in this report and thank you for all those working behind the scenes to continue placing sustainability at the heart of all we do.

Dr Alex Ryan

Director of Sustainability, University of Gloucestershire