Student-led action has resulted in an ecological boost to University of Gloucestershire campuses with 105 native trees planted. 

Third-year Geography student, Will Weaving, has a great love of nature and trees and was motivated to graduate this summer leaving a legacy that promotes biodiversity.

He petitioned for action and, with the help of the University’s Estates Team, was able to secure a donation of 105 native trees from the Woodland Trust, including 15 Hawthorn, 15 Silver Birch, 15 Rowan, 15 Wild Cherry, 15 Oak, and 30 Blackthorn.

With support from fellow students and staff members across two beautiful spring days, 75 trees were planted at Oxstalls Campus and 30 at Park Campus.

Once established, they will provide fantastic habitats for hundreds of insect species, as well as many mammals and birds, including Song Thrush, Lackey, Nuthatch and Jays.

I have a huge passion for nature and biodiversity, I was really eager to see a push for more biodiversity-rich hotspots on my University campuses.

I noticed a free tree giveaway from the Woodland Trust and knew that it was an opportunity I just couldn’t miss. I’m so happy that the application was approved. As I’m finishing my degree this year, I’m pleased to depart the University of Gloucestershire with a legacy of 105 native trees.

Will Weaving

Third-year Geography student and Live Smart Co-ordinator

Will has been working as Live Smart Co-ordinator in the Sustainability Team at the University since 2020 and this latest self-initiated project builds on the sustainability-focused engagement work Will has been building with students as part of the Live Smart programme.