#futuregen: Chancellor’s Lecture with Jane Davidson

Dec 15, 2020 | Staff

“This is the most significant decade in our lifetimes.”

But how can we become part of the solution to climate change, and not the problem?

In uncertain times, Dr Jane Davidson explored how we all have our part to play in protecting future generations at this year’s Chancellor’s Lecture.

​#futuregen: How to be a Good Ancestor, began by focusing on methods of changing the behaviour of governments and institutions to encourage long term thinking.

Dr Davidson also explained how we can all make a change for the better, and the personal impact that our actions now will have in the future, reflecting that “The life of my grandchild will be impacted positively or negatively by what we do in this decade. That is our challenge.”

Dr Davidson then joined representatives from the university – including Chancellor Baroness Rennie Fritchie, Vice-Chancellor Stephen Marston, Director of Su​​​​stainability Dr Alex Ryan, and President of the Students’ Union Luc Brown – for a lively panel discussion.

Topics ranged from how to empower current students, with Dr Davidson highlighting the role of schools and universities, and how education reaches far beyond the curriculum, “Teachers have an obligation to ensure the young people in their care have as great an understanding as they can of the world around them.”

The lecture was broadcast online​, and you can also enjoy it in full here.