We are thrilled to be recognised for ‘Leading the Way’ in the Higher Education sector when it comes to carbon reduction targets.

Following the launch of our Carbon Net Zero Strategy this week, SOS-UK have awarded us a score of 90/100, putting us alongside the top tier of pioneering universities tackling this issue.

SOS-UK – which evolved from the National Union of Students’ sustainability team, is now driving change in sustainability right across the education sector. Their new Carbon Targets assessment shows the development of Net Zero carbon policies in universities and colleges and will start to monitor the delivery against these targets in future years.

It is great to see this campaign and scoring system developed by SOS-UK to focus on net zero and action to cut emissions further in the lead up to COP26. While others may seek to achieve net zero by carbon offsetting, our plan is aimed at making a real difference in driving down our emissions, and educating and influencing others to do the same.

Dr Alex Ryan

Director of Sustainability, University of Gloucestershire

We're going Net Zero by 2030