At the University of Gloucestershire we are proud of our established strategic commitment to sustainability, which spans all aspects of University life, including our academic activities, corporate operations and public outreach.

We have an international reputation for pioneering transformational change towards sustainability. Our aim is to challenge ourselves and our students to think, learn and act differently, to forge new paths for the future that support both people and planet.

We see sustainability as the ‘big idea’ for the 21st century – it offers our students and staff the opportunity to become change-makers, inspired leaders and professional pioneers, who can help build healthier, happier societies whilst protecting planetary resources.

We also view this as part of the civic role of a University, acting as a beacon for society and supporting people to create better patterns of life, through inquiry, practice and learning.

Our response to sustainability as an educational challenge and professional development priority has been recognised through numerous awards and measures of Performance.

  • View our Prezi for a snapshot of what sustainability means to us at the University
  • See Our Story to learn about our institutional journey towards sustainability
  • Watch this 1 minute animation for our vision of the student sustainability experience