Dr Alex Ryan – Director of Sustainability, and Miriam Webb – Sustainability Engagement Manager joined 12 RCEs from 10 countries across Europe to share curriculum development and community collaboration projects for sustainability at the RCE Europe conference in Heraklion, Crete.

Miriam and Alex presented RCE Severn’s 3 flagship Makerspace projects (Regeneration, Thread Counts, and Soundbites) which offer University-community collaborations that build capacity in sustainability through practical intergenerational learning and skill sharing. Find out more on the conference slides.

This year’s conference was held alongside a meeting of the Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (CCSAFS) project consortium which also offered opportunity for shared learning in the creation of new online curricula with examples from university partners across Crete, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Find out more about the conference, its themes and activities here.